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With respect to tradition and to our client

Baklava – Kantaifi – Kiounefe & Bourma Kantaifi- Asure – Cream – rice pudding – Taouk Giouktsou – Ekmek kantaifi


 Every Monday

all our products in package

only 1.80€ *

Σεκέρ παρέ   Καταίφι

Μπακλαβάς   Γαλακτομπούρεκο

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 Every day

enjoy your favorite products

in our patisseries

additionally we offer you a coffe only for 1 euro

refreshment for 1.5 euro or natural juice at the price of 2 euro.

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Venizelos 50 Tel.: 2310 279058, 236304       •       Them. Sofouli 73 Tel.: 2310 415474

The offers are valid only for the above stores
* The price reffers to the sweet in portion