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Μπακλαβάς Sweets dressed with syrup – Constantinopolitan sweets filled with syrup.

Sweets made of either tender crusts or fluffy dough, combined harmoniously with fine quality nuts, cream and vanilla.
In the end dressed with rich syrup

Μαλεμπί μαστίχας Dairy – Constantinopolitan creams.

We purchase milk and eggs from a Greek producer. We enrich the flavor with aromas of vanilla or Chio’s local mastic and finally create pure creams either traditional or Constantinopolitan.

Smooth tastes with aromas that remind you of the good old times!

Σουτζούκ λουκούμ Halva – Turkish delight.

We create one of a kind “soutzouk loukoum” stuffed with nuts and fruit flavors.

Also you can enjoy traditional halva with flavors that will surprise you.

Παιδικές τούρτες Pastries – Cakes.

Every day we create over 30 different cakes for you to taste and enjoy them while they are fresh. Cakes combined with various flavors such as cream, chocolate, strawberries, etc.